Getting Started


Your security is our business

Welcome to Credal’s documentation! Here you’ll find information to get started as well as our API Reference.

Why Credal

  1. Secure: Integrate in weeks, not months. We offer a modern, well-documented API.

  2. Connections: We connect to every major data source and provide secure APIs and Chatbots that let employees safely use that data with AI in their normal workflows.

  3. Loved by developers: The Credal features are backwards-compatible with OpenAI and Anthropic. This means you can add Credal’s security benefits to your app, without significant code changes.


Our Founders and employees have received Government security clearances in the US and UK. We have led internationally recognized AI security projects for the US Government’s Military and Healthcare infrastructure. We have leveraged this experience to make sure our application is built securely from the ground up.

  • Data encrypted at all times in transit and at rest.

  • Regular penetration testing and vulnerability scanning.

  • 24/7 monitoring of security logs from CloudWatch, Guard Duty, and other tools.

  • Supports single tenant deployment.